These are the UTAU I've created. I've created 3 of them, and they all use my voice samples. Jaku and Kei's voicebanks are both released and both of them are in ACT 3 and have much better samples! Kame is released an currently in ACT1. So download them if you want, use them how you want, and I'd love to hear what you do with them. :)

Canonly,  Kei and Jaku are a married couple.
Kame isn't related to them.

Kumone Jakuon

Name: Jakuon Kumone (Kumone Jakuon) (Jaku for short)
Age: 24

Jaku's first impression is that of a usually quiet and kind, gentle woman. Her true colors are actually a lot tougher than she lets on, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty when she has to. She takes shit from no one, and if she feels you've wronged her in some way, she'll make sure to let you know, and not in a nice way.

Voicebank Downloads

Jakuon VCV ver. 2 Bank
JakuonACT3 CV Bank (Tri-pitch)
Jakuon STRONG Append (Ver 1.6)
Jakuon English CV VC Full
Jakuon FM Append CV
Jakuon soft Append dual-pitch VCV

Future voicebank plans are a soft VCV bank, and extra pitches for English.

Core VCV Preview:

Other VB Previews:

Kumone Keishi

Name: Keishi Kumone (Kumone Keishi) (Kei for short) 
Age: 23

Kei is very outgoing and likes meeting new people, though he might come off as arrogant at first. He tries to seem confident and strong, but once he's known better you'll find he's actually quite insecure. Because of his thin and lanky body, he's self-conscious about showing skin, especially around other guys. He cares a lot for his friends and family, and can become very protective, sometimes to the point of greatly restricting the freedom of others, even if he means well.

Voicebank Downloads

A soft VCV bank is in the plans for the future. The new English CV VC is nearly ready for release.

Core VCV Preview:

Other VB Previews:

Kame Beach

Name: Kame Beach

Kame likes nothing more than laying on the grass on a warm day and watching the clouds go by. He is laid-back by nature and has a tendency to be absent-minded and doesn’t know when he’s getting dragged along somewhere. He’s always relaxed and cheerful when it’s sunny, but he’s always grumpy when it’s dark or stormy outside. Is prone to narcolepsy attacks. 

Voicebank Downloads
Kame ACT1.1 CV Bank
Kame CV VC English LITE Bank
Kame Solid Append CV
Kame Sleepy Append CV

There are no planned updates for Kame's voicebanks currently.

Core VCV Preview:

Other VB Previews:

ACT 1.1CV VC English LITE | Sleepy + Solid

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