Friday, August 24, 2012

Hekine Chinji - finished

I finally got this model done! The skirt took the longest, holy shit, but it turned out all right. Of course the ribbon physics are fucking with it, but I've spent so long on this, I REALLY need to move on so I can finish more things before fall semester starts.

The model here actually has no shaders on it, and no self-shadowing, which is how it looks best in my opinion. I hope you like it.

UTAU Hekine Chinji belongs to TheSnowSongstress
Model by me in Metasequoia
Mixing also by me ouob
UST by Axelfel
Motion by sm16541422

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Ok, I need to dump a few updates here.

First of all, my laptop is out of commission for a few days, since I need a new battery and power chord. So I can't work on model trades, but just for a little while! Don't worry, I'll be back to it in a few days. When I left off I was adding physics to Hekine's Append model. It's getting close to done! All that remains are her skirt and ribbons... long skirts like that are so complex.

Second of all, 100 subscribers on Youtube! Whoo! I'm planning out what I'll do in celebration. It'll be a little while though, since I wasn't really on the ball with this. But I hope it's a good surprise.

Third, I updated Jaku's strong append. No re-recording or anything, I just fixed her oto up a lot, so hopefully it's better to work with! The updated download link is on the UTAU page.

Fourth, I'm thinking I'll be releasing her soft append as well. I used it once, in the "Gommene Gommene" cover, and it's a rather nice voicebank to work with, so I think I'll release it. Look forwards to that, maybe? :D

Fifth, I'm trying to update Kei to a new Act3 as well! It's not going too well. But hopefully I can get it to work, because he really needs a better voicebank. I've decided I'll give him Japanese "r" sounds after all, but I'll include a set of American "r's" though his Japanese ones will be the default.

Sixth, Kame's VCVs are still in production. But here is a preview.

And I think that's all for now!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kumone Jakuon Act 3 Release

Voicebank DL:

This bank has been nearly finished for a few weeks, I finally overcame a few hurdles that made it incomplete, and now it is complete!

Next update Jaku's gonna get will either be a new VCV or new English. Haven't decided yet. But I have to give some love to my other UTAU too. o3ob

This is my first tri-pitched bank. :D If you come across any problems with it, please let me know. The should be working and correct.

Enjoy ~

UST by Dark3li

(I am, in fact, keeping Jaku's ACT2.1 up for download. Since ACT3 is such a big jump in difference, it doesn't seem right to just abandon the previous one. The quality is still good, but the voice-type is very different.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New art! (And VCVs... for Kame!)

I've been adding a lot of awesome art to the fanart page! Everyone should go check it out! ouo/

For clarification, fanart is just art from other people, and most of it is commissions, requests, or trades, and only a few pieces actually qualify as "fanart." xD; I might change the page title. But it makes me feel special.

Honestly how do people get so many people to draw their UTAU just for the hell of it? Oh well. I love doing nice things for people (and getting nice things back!)

In other news, as you can see by the post title up there, I'm working on a VCV bank for Kame. I actually recorded one last weekend, but I didn't like it much, so I'm redoing it. I was pretty impressed with being able to record and oto it in 3 days, as opposed to Jaku's 3 months. But perhaps just taking a bit more time will help improve Kame's bank.

So I'll be working on that in the next few days. Here's to hoping this one turns out well. And then one day I want to give Jaku a tri-pitched VCV bank!