Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jaku, model release

All right, so I'm done putting finishing touches on Jaku's model. Not to say there isn't a glitch here and there, but I've done what I could after mulling over the problems. So she's ready to go now!

So of course, the video, showing her off... for some reason I couldn't find this motion data with any lip syncing? xD Don't get confused, she DOES have all of her expressions.

Again, the password is "kumone"

I was thinking I'd make another stage to release with her, like I did with Kei, but I couldn't think of anything! So, it's just the model this time. Enjoy~

And now, I probably won't be as nearly as active as I was. With the new semester comes a whole lot of work, so I'm going to do my best to focus on that. Not to say I will be COMPLETELY inactive.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jaku model... and some vid spam

Ah, yesterday the power was out all day so there wasn't much progress I could do. @_@ Today though I put more work into Jaku. She has facial expressions and physics now! So she's pretty close to being finished. Some rigging and textures need work but... she is getting there.

So there she is... you can see what I mean about the rigging... her arms are kind of wacky and her skirt goes through her legs sometimes... though I'm not sure if these things can be fixed... maybe my geometry is just terrible... OTL

Ha, also that song suffered a lot while I was trying to cut it up to make it fit the video. it's too bad since I like how it turned out, I pretty much just gave up at the end, you can probably tell... xD Anyway I threw it on Mediafire, to give access to the MP3:

Aside from that, I did actually make another video today... since Jaku is close to done I thought I'd make a video with her, Kei, and Mole's two UTAU. I got the Pokerface motion a while ago and I really love it. It has spots for four characters, so that's why I wanted to use the four UTAU. xD The cover didn't turn out so well... I had to do a lot of splicing since the UST is only for one singer. It's ok... for some of it.

So, hmm. I am hoping Jaku will be done by the time this weekend is over. Also I need to get back to my homework. Sigh.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jaku update

Worked on Jakuon a lot more. She now has textures and a basic rig! Whoo! Just need to fix up some rigging issues, like her legs going through her skirt, and some weirdness with her shoulders. Overall though, everything's pretty much in place. She still needs facial expressions and physics, but after that she's pretty much done!

Also I checked her back with Kei again. Ah, they look really good together. I'm glad I could keep the consistency between them.

Blah. I swear one day I will make more things with both of them because it just doesn't happen enough.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jakuon Model, onto UVs

Here's just a quick update. Been working on Jakuon's model, and now the modeling is all done! I really love how she's looking. I'm trying to get it so that she won't clash with Kei in the ways of proportion and style, and I put them next to each other for comparison briefly, but it's not very convenient in Metasequoia.

Anyway, here's her model!

This is really the first time modeling a woman of this figure, and also long hair! I actually like how her hair turned out. This new method I found of making it has been really great, and I think I'm getting gradually more comfortable with it.

Well, onto UV unwrapping, then textures! Then she'll look more amazing. :3

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Voicebank releases...?!

Yeah... so today I decided to take a bold step and release both Jakuon and Kei's voicebanks... :0 Not like anyone wants to use them, but I didn't want to seem like some kind of stuck up loser whenever I go "oh no, you can't download my UTAU! the are too GOOD for you!" when in reality it was because they just aren't very good... :'D

But, I think I've tweaked their oto's enough, even learned quite a few tips about otoing, and I think they're ready to be released into the wild. Right now they both only have standard Japanese CV voicebanks, but hopefully more in the future. I finished recording Jakuon's VCV voicebank the other night, so she'll probably have that one day! xD

The download links are on the "UTAU" page, but here they are too.

Jakuon ACT2 CV Bank
Kei ACT2.5 CV Bank

Kei is 2.5 because... well, I had rerecorded him again between his first one and now, and did a few covers with that one, even though I never actually released it. So it's really only my personal preference. :B

So to... celebrate, I guess, here is a cover with both of them, Cendrillon. It's been a while since I covered a song with a duet between them, and I think having both of their voicebanks done is a good occassion.

  Cendrillon - Kumone Keishi and Jakuon by sonictheunknown


Friday, January 13, 2012

Jaku Model, WIP

All right, so been making some progress on Jakuon's model over the last few days. My first time, besides Adeliene, modeling a real female figure. I guess Adeline doesn't really count though because her breasts aren't AS prominent.

The purple is temporary, of course. It's only that color so I could actually see her tank top. xD Anyways, I'm still messing with her head/face, it's getting better, but I think it's a little big here. It's also not attached to the body, since that seam will be covered by her scarf anyways. I'm keeping her face high poly but her body low poly anyways, so I can keep the rest of her low poly.

Here's her face orthos, just because... well I'm amused by them... if only because they randomly turned out to look like something from Eureka 7. xD I mean... look dem eyes...

Also here's another cover... I know, I know, I'll cut it out. But I did this one because I made the UST ages ago but never used it. Well I finally did now... :P One day I'll get to recording English voicebanks, and then you can actually understand it rather than impossible to decipher Engrish. xD

  Spaceman - Kumone Jakuon by sonictheunknown

I'll throw the UST up on the UST download page if anyone wants it. I think it's one of my better ones. Of course I made it forever ago so if I want to make more I'll have to relearn... OTL

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jaku's New Voicebank

Well like I said, or I'm pretty sure I said the other day, I re-recorded Jaku. She's nearly done with her oto... and let me say... well darn. I've probably spent a maximum of 3 hours on her new voicebank and she already sounds really great. Like, a lot better. And yeah it's a good thing... but Kei has taken around 9 months to get to sound DECENT... OTL

But, that's good for Jaku! Here is a test for... well, I suppose it is her ACT2 voicebank. :0

  InfinitY - Kumone Jakuon by sonictheunknown

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Synthesizer, plus neeew stuff

Haha, I had to use Mole's Seiji with Kei. It's been an aspiration of mine for a long time. Aspiration points, +500 get.

Kei's in a good spot right now. His model's done, and his voice is sounding nice. Mole made me a beautiful cover for him by the way, he sounds so good... sob.

  Kumone Keishi- Starduster by sonictheunknown

I think that's enough Kei for now though. All this time I've been neglecting Jakuon something fierce (and don't tell Kei, but I think she's the better of the two). It's really kind of sad, she sounds pretty good without any real effort of mine. It only took about 9 months to get Kei sounded decent.

Anyways. Jakuon made her debut... May 2010. And the most I've updated her is put a new head on her MMD model. :'D Serious, she is still running around with her 3DCG body. So I'm going to start giving her some attention. I re-recorded her voicebank as well, and I'm going to get to work otoing soon. I've also gotten to work on a new model for her, working on scratch in Metasequoia! No screencaps yet... they're downstairs. OTL

So yeah! Jaku, I'm so sorry, I hope all this is enough to make it up to you :'D

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kei model release, plus stage!

Ok! I know I've been spamming a lot about Kei. But this one's important. Why? I'm releasing his model. -3- Yup, fixed him all up and he's ready to go and see the world for the first time. How exciting.

But I decided to throw in an added bonus, and the download comes with a stage too. It's the first stage I've made, but I'm sure it'll be useful to someone out there. xD All kinds of fun things are included, like the UVs so you can change the design on the top, and the mqo so you can modify it in Metasequoia.

You can download Kei and the stage here, they come together:

The password is "kumone"

And you can see the stage here! (yeah that might be kind of important so you can actually know what it looks like...)

Not related to the downloads, but the video, I also have the camera motion seen up for download. It comes both with and without the lighting.

No password there!

Well there ya go, more stuff to put on your computer. I wanted to finish these up before break ended. I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


No real updates today... sorry I've been spamming Kei a lot already but I made a new cover with him. .3. This time it's the song "ZOU," which I had to try after hearing it. It's just... soo... cool! The instrumental part really got to me. Hnng. So here is Kei's rendition of it.

His voicebank is still far from perfect... Kei is so stubborn and yet I give him so much attention... he just doesn't love me.

The picture there was made in MMD. Playing with objectluminous some more. Having way to much fun, as usual. xD Here's a bigger version of it:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kei Model, nearly finished >>

Well I pretty much spent all of yesterday finishing up the Kei model. xD He's rigged and has physics and expressions now! The only thing that's keeping him from being totally finished is some fixing up I want to do on the rigging and a few of his expressions. Other than that though, he's looking pretty nice.

I'm actually pretty happy with how his facials turned out, which never happens because they usually look so awful when I make them. ;-; I guess this just means I'm getting better, yaaay!

Anyways, when I'm done fixing him, I might release him, just because I'm so happy with him. Though maybe I should wait until his voicebank is done, right?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kei Model, progress

I've just been working away at Kei for a few days. The hair hung me up but I tried a new technique for making it, and I think it actually came out rather well! I used this tutorial:

So in a whirlwind of activity, I actually finished modeling, unwrapping, and texturing last night. It's crazy what I do when I get lost in working on something. Anyways I thought it might be neat to make a side-by-side comparison to the first model I made of him in Metasequoia.

Hopefully you can tell which is the new one (the one on the left!)

The pictures are from MMD but he's not rigged yet ;P Still working on that.