Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jaku Act 3 Preview

Well, you've actually already heard this new voicebank, I used it in the Bacterial Contamination cover below. But I think this is more "official." XD

Anyways, this new tripitch bank is going to be Jaku's Act 3. I love using it way more than her current core bank. This one has been re-recorded, and has a much better, strong voice. I know Jaku has a strong append but this is still quite different from that even.

So I really love how this bank turned out. I'll be releasing it once I finish working on the oto, and figure out how to export it with the prefix map. :P

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cherish - Textures

Finally finished modeling and texturing.

I tried a few new things this time, a lot with the face, because the faces I've been modeling so far have been hard to add expressions to. Because that's the way PMDe is I guess. (The face kinda looks derp in Metasequoia, but it looks a lot better in PMDe and MMD for some reason...)I tried transparent textures too, like in the hair.

Also I've made some custom toons. And I have to say, she looks really great in MMD. Once I get her rigged I'll show some pics.

Monday, July 16, 2012


For some reason, I forgot to put this here the other day! Whoops. Oh well. I just recovered Pokerface with Kei's English bank. His old cover was pretty awful, and used only engrish to boot. So here is the new, and much improved one.

Also been working on a new voicebank for Jaku. I just finished, her tri-toned bank. It sounds pretty different, and scarily, she's starting to sound more and more like me. *sob* So here's a preview.

I probably won't make this her Act 3, maybe it'll act as more an append. But I don't know. I like it way more than her current core voicebank.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry

I've had this cover done for a while, and I really liked it so I held out to make some art for it... I'm happy with it... happy enough I guess. It more or less matches what I envisioned, and it was my first time doing anything bloody/gory. xD; So there are many problems I'm sure, but successful for a first time. \o/

I know the song is awful, but at the same time I like it... it sounds cool... but the lyrics... yikes. At least it's in Japanese.

So I played with Jaku's appends in this one, her strong, and a soft one I recorded some time ago but never used or released. But they work really well here I think. Plus I lowered the octave, it's nice hearing her lower for once. I might play with that more.

So yeah! Love for Jaku! the kind of love that leaves her horribly maimed and dismembered I guess. eeehhh. Maybe she'd be happier if I didn't give her love.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New model - Hekine Cherish Append

Yup, already starting on a new model. I have quite a few lined up so I shouldn't be at a loss for things to model for quite some time. (Although one of these days, I want to redo Jaku's model, eventually make a model for Kame, and Shigi's UTAU Hasuko)

But for now I've been doing trades because it's a fun way to branch out and model things that I wouldn't usually. So my current on is Hekine's Cherish append, asking for by Snow-Songstress. And it's going along pretty well so far.

Sorry she doesn't have a head yet. XD She will! She will of course. But this has been a good learning experience. More skirt physics on the way, plus I learned how to use the bend tool in Metasequoia! Super handy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aragi is finished!

Now Aragi's physics are finished, and I'm very excited about her. The physics aren't bad, and for the second time making skirt physics, I think it turned out really well! So enjoy this video with both Aragi and Arago.

And, of course, a pic of them both. (didn't really feel like posing after all this XD)

Now to move onto other things. Of course I'll update when I start a new model. I really think I'm starting to get a hang of this, and one day I want to redo Jaku's model because I still don't like it much. xD

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aragi Textures and rig (basic)

Tonight I finished texturing and rigging Aragi! Well, the basic rig at least. She has no expressions or physics yet.

See? Just a basic rig. xD Her physics and expressions will come soon. For now have some nice leg-through-skirt action.

I'm really happy with her though, she turned out super cute. >3< And I love how she looks in MMD.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Aragi Pipa Modeling - done (FINALLY)

Oh, finally, I finished Aragi's model. +falls over+ I had this really big project to do that I had to model and animate for, so modeling in my off-time was killing me. Also it took me a while of figuring out what to do about the hair. But, here she is, now!

If I may be completely honest, I really think she turned out ADORABLE. Now to unwrap and texture. I was getting Metasequoia to crash while I was unwrapping so hopefully I can resolve that. +crosses fingers+