Thursday, June 28, 2012


Oh man. So tired right now. So tired I forgot to post this when I uploaded it the other night, here for some reason, but I remembered everywhere else. -3- So here is a cover of Kei and Kame's World's End Dancehall.

I really wanted them to sing together, because I thought it'd be fun. And I love this song. :D Though with them I think it's funny... because I don't think they'd get along real well.

Basically I always imagine Kei being self-conscious about his softer voice, even though he never shows it, and basically hides it by being egotistical, he figures if he pictures himself as important and popular, other people will start to as well. Of course it doesn't work that way and he feels he is working in vain.

Along comes Kame. Suddenly he has a voice that a lot of people like, and Kei is pretty jealous. But he's also mad at Kame for being a lazyass and he doesn't ever have to work as hard as he does to get people to like him.

Pretty much an undeclared rivalry that Kame isn't even aware of, but Kei's all seething in the background, and he's probably a dick to Kame for that reason.

this is my blog stfu I write what I want.

And I figure out that I never write about my UTAU as characters. So they might seem kind of lifeless. But they have personalities and stuff, and I RP with them sometimes.

idk. I think I went off on a tangent.

Uh, here's the art I guess.

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