Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry

I've had this cover done for a while, and I really liked it so I held out to make some art for it... I'm happy with it... happy enough I guess. It more or less matches what I envisioned, and it was my first time doing anything bloody/gory. xD; So there are many problems I'm sure, but successful for a first time. \o/

I know the song is awful, but at the same time I like it... it sounds cool... but the lyrics... yikes. At least it's in Japanese.

So I played with Jaku's appends in this one, her strong, and a soft one I recorded some time ago but never used or released. But they work really well here I think. Plus I lowered the octave, it's nice hearing her lower for once. I might play with that more.

So yeah! Love for Jaku! the kind of love that leaves her horribly maimed and dismembered I guess. eeehhh. Maybe she'd be happier if I didn't give her love.

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