Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Finished a cover for "WINE BERRY." Bleah, should've been working on homework instead of this. I needed a break, darnit.

I used Jakuon Kumone and Hokuro Shiroutone. Hokuro belongs to Mole-chan, see the link to the right reading "MOLEloid." That's her site.

I'm actually happy with how it sounds, which doesn't happen often. The laptop I've usually used UTAU on doesn't work with the program very well. So I recently transferred the program and related files to our better computer, and big surprise, it works almost flawlessly.

I'm also pretty proud of the cover art I made to go with it. This was a game of firsts, really. First time drawing Jakuon in a different outfit. First time drawing Hokuro. First time trying different coloring and shading techniques. xD So it turned out fairly well, considering. Here is a larger version of the art.

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