Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Next project

Well, nearly done with fall semester! Tomorrow I'll be turning the rest of my work in. So I technically get a day off early! Whoo!

So I've been thinking of what modeling projects to do over the break. One I want to do is some Bomberman models, specifically from Bomberman Jetters because I really enjoyed that show when I was younger. In fact I think I'll rewatch it.

But I just finished playing through Fable 3. A pretty good game when not compared to the first one... but that isn't what this is about. What his is about is I'm totally crushing on Reaver right now. This guy is a classy narcissistic asshole which means... I like him? I guess? Why do I like these kinds of people in games or movies or shows when in real life I would hate their guts? Maybe because I don't actually have to interact with them?

In any case, I thought it'd be a fun little tribute to make his outfit in Metasequoia. I'll probably borrow a face from elsewhere since I really just want to model the outfit! I mean, come on, it's really spiffy.

The outfit won't be exact... for obvious reasons. Rather than matching his exact body type and proportions I thought I'd just make an outfit for models that might be more cosplay-ish. So really it's just a dress up kind of thing. See if you're like me and you still enjoy model frankensteining... well, there you go. I want to put more effort into unwrapping and texturing for this one, so I'd better get a hang of UVs in Metasequoia. 

I have a start on the jacket so far. It's lacking a lot of details but I'll be able to put more work into it during this break. I'm not expecting this little project to take the entire vacation. 

Not sure yet if this'll be high poly or if I'll keep it low poly. I think I'll stick with low poly and see how that turns out. Still trying to get his feathery collar thing to look right, too...

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