Friday, February 24, 2012

New UST +Update

I had a little more free time on my hands, so I tried making a new UST. This is the first time I've tried making an actual Japanese UST. xD It's for the opening theme of Kyo Kara Maoh, only the TV version, but maybe sometime I'll make the full version.

UST download:

The UTAU I used is Note Dolcene, actually a UTAU I stumbled on a little while ago. I really liked his voice, and I actual made a model for him because... that's how I roll. Though I never posted anything here about it, no progress work or anything. xD I guess just because I finished him up so fast I didn't have a chance to post any WIPs. Or his final, for that matter. Eh. Well you can see it here.

Actually I'm still having problems with his eyes, sometimes they glitch for no discernible reason. :|

Note belongs to ChanterDolce, his youtube channel:

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