Monday, February 27, 2012

New UTAU covers and stuff

Ok first, well, I've been trying to make English USTs. Jaku's English voicebank isn't that great still, so I've been using Tony Yonne's English. It works VERY well. xD Anyways, you might know a while back I tried to cover Human, by the Killers, one of my most favorite songs. It was a very horrible, Engrish UST. So I remade the UST completely using an English voicebank.

  Human - Tony Yonné by sonictheunknown

It sounds way better. xD though there are some mistakes here and there that I'm still fixing, mostly the timing of some of the words, and some consonants don't come out all the way. But definite progress. I'll release that when it's done.

I'm pretty sure this is Tony's user page:

Speaking of UTAU covers, on a completely unrelated note, here's one of Jaku's I forgot to share. This was done over two weeks ago. I really like how it turned out, but it just slipped my mind I guess. Enjoy.

  Eat Me - Kumone Jakuon by sonictheunknown

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