Monday, November 19, 2012

New website!

Don't let the title fool you there, not much is changing. The blog is staying the same and everything on it and I will continue to update it (when I get the chance, every so often!) but I thought I would announce that I made a more "official" UTAU-based website.!home/mainPage

I used Wix to build the website, if you couldn't tell, and it has such a great interface and easy to customize layout. It has pretty much all the information that is here, minus some extra MMD stuff not pertaining to UTAU... well at the moment there is no MMD stuff, as I haven't added it yet and trying to figure out a nice way to integrate it.

Meanwhile, though, I released an "official" preview of Kei's VCVs (why do I keep putting official in quotations? I don't really know)

Love the song, and glad I got the chance to finish a little piece of cover art. When will Kei be released? I don't know. Hopefully after Kame since his VCVs were debuted first.

Oh, but I nice little something about Kei's VCV bank: I'll be including a new model! I hope you look forwards to it, I haven't shown it anywhere yet besides in silhouette.

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