Monday, November 7, 2011

King Dedede, gijinka model!

I started a model of my human King Dedede the other day. The model itself is now finished.

Haha, the orthos aren't very pretty. Obviously I had to make the jacket transparent to actually see what I needed to model beneath it... :P

His belt and jacket are both textured objects. I don't like texturing things much in Metasequoia, because the UV unwrap process isn't very intuitive, in my opinion.

So I tried making his expressions in Keynote. Working with expressions in Keynote is why easier in PMDe, I'll say that much. But the problem came when I was trying to export the model as a PMD. It simply does not work. I've installed two different PMD export plug-ins but I can never get it to work. =/

So I don't know when this model will be completely finished. Not only are the expressions not playing nice, but I am not looking forwards to rigging the jacket. OTL

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