Friday, November 18, 2011

New WIP, Adeliene

That's right, modeled Kirby, Dee, Ribbon, Dedede... seems right to put Adeliene in the mix too, right? Also excuse me if I continuously butcher her name... I seem to spell it differently all the time.

So here are her orthographic drawings... like most of them I end up drawing them during lectures. So, they're usually imperfect, but usable. I started modeling her early today, and so far, she has the head done. Minus eyebrows, but those are really easy to put on there. Head is the hardest part for me, so with that done, it's usually pretty quick from that point... excluding the hair. Hair and face are really hard because it's so easy to get them to look wrong. =/

Anyways, the face.

I think it's one of the better faces I've made... still needs some tweaking of course, but I'm glad I've gotten to this point.

Will work on her more this weekend, with any luck, she'll be ready to rig tomorrow or Sunday... or lacking the time, next weekend, which I'll have extra time on since it is Thanksgiving break. :D

I've been thinking what I'll do next. Once Adeliene nears a state of completion, I think the next model to work on is Waddle Doo. I would like to do one more gijinka Kirby model, but I'm not sure who else. I don't really want to make Meta Knight but he seems like the popular and obvious choice.

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