Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New UTAU Preview

Hey! This kinda came out of the blue. Last weekend I was sort of stuck with not much to do and so I began experimenting with recording. I tried some voice acting and pitching, and before I knew it, I had recorded and oto'd a brand new UTAU. So I've taken some time to design and name him: please say hello to Kame Beach.

As you can see I've gone in a totally different direction than I did with Jaku and Kei, which will also be extremely evident in his voice. But I won't post a sample yet~ My plan is to officially debut him this Friday or Saturday, mostly because I still have to fix a few things and also because I wanted his birthday to be in June. xD

But yeah. :3 Hopefully he'll be well-recieved, and after I debut him, I'll probably release him as well.

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