Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jaku model... and some vid spam

Ah, yesterday the power was out all day so there wasn't much progress I could do. @_@ Today though I put more work into Jaku. She has facial expressions and physics now! So she's pretty close to being finished. Some rigging and textures need work but... she is getting there.

So there she is... you can see what I mean about the rigging... her arms are kind of wacky and her skirt goes through her legs sometimes... though I'm not sure if these things can be fixed... maybe my geometry is just terrible... OTL

Ha, also that song suffered a lot while I was trying to cut it up to make it fit the video. it's too bad since I like how it turned out, I pretty much just gave up at the end, you can probably tell... xD Anyway I threw it on Mediafire, to give access to the MP3:

Aside from that, I did actually make another video today... since Jaku is close to done I thought I'd make a video with her, Kei, and Mole's two UTAU. I got the Pokerface motion a while ago and I really love it. It has spots for four characters, so that's why I wanted to use the four UTAU. xD The cover didn't turn out so well... I had to do a lot of splicing since the UST is only for one singer. It's ok... for some of it.

So, hmm. I am hoping Jaku will be done by the time this weekend is over. Also I need to get back to my homework. Sigh.

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