Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Synthesizer, plus neeew stuff

Haha, I had to use Mole's Seiji with Kei. It's been an aspiration of mine for a long time. Aspiration points, +500 get.

Kei's in a good spot right now. His model's done, and his voice is sounding nice. Mole made me a beautiful cover for him by the way, he sounds so good... sob.

  Kumone Keishi- Starduster by sonictheunknown

I think that's enough Kei for now though. All this time I've been neglecting Jakuon something fierce (and don't tell Kei, but I think she's the better of the two). It's really kind of sad, she sounds pretty good without any real effort of mine. It only took about 9 months to get Kei sounded decent.

Anyways. Jakuon made her debut... May 2010. And the most I've updated her is put a new head on her MMD model. :'D Serious, she is still running around with her 3DCG body. So I'm going to start giving her some attention. I re-recorded her voicebank as well, and I'm going to get to work otoing soon. I've also gotten to work on a new model for her, working on scratch in Metasequoia! No screencaps yet... they're downstairs. OTL

So yeah! Jaku, I'm so sorry, I hope all this is enough to make it up to you :'D

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