Saturday, January 14, 2012

Voicebank releases...?!

Yeah... so today I decided to take a bold step and release both Jakuon and Kei's voicebanks... :0 Not like anyone wants to use them, but I didn't want to seem like some kind of stuck up loser whenever I go "oh no, you can't download my UTAU! the are too GOOD for you!" when in reality it was because they just aren't very good... :'D

But, I think I've tweaked their oto's enough, even learned quite a few tips about otoing, and I think they're ready to be released into the wild. Right now they both only have standard Japanese CV voicebanks, but hopefully more in the future. I finished recording Jakuon's VCV voicebank the other night, so she'll probably have that one day! xD

The download links are on the "UTAU" page, but here they are too.

Jakuon ACT2 CV Bank
Kei ACT2.5 CV Bank

Kei is 2.5 because... well, I had rerecorded him again between his first one and now, and did a few covers with that one, even though I never actually released it. So it's really only my personal preference. :B

So to... celebrate, I guess, here is a cover with both of them, Cendrillon. It's been a while since I covered a song with a duet between them, and I think having both of their voicebanks done is a good occassion.

  Cendrillon - Kumone Keishi and Jakuon by sonictheunknown


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